2A152919-4314-4BFB-8D3C-258C66BB6AAFOur parish’s Knights of Columbus (KofC) Council is named after Deacon Gerald Timmerman who served this parish for many years. The new 4th degree Assembly, named in honor of Dr. C.F. Barrett, started with members of Holy Family, Sacred Heart and Lourdes Councils. The recent completion of the Rosary Garden was dedicated on the Feast of the Assumption. The Knights held fundraisers throughout the year to help the youth, vocations, the intellectually challenged and the needy. Members assist the elderly and handicapped before and after the Saturday evening mass. As we look ahead, our goal is to grow the Council by recruiting new members and to continue to support our pastor, parish, and community. Two other events that the Church Life Committee has traditionally held are the Men’s and Women’s Breakfast, which are now hosted by the Knights of Columbus.


Bernard J Menke

Grand Knight
563-940-5325 (C)

Steven T Nolan

Deputy Grand Knight
715-451-3662 (C)

Thomas M Perdan

Financial Secretary
563-323-4765 (R) 563-359-1825 (B) 563-349-2150 (C)

James A Schebler

Three Year Trustee
563-210-4256 (C)

Deacon Steven E Barton

563-355-7522 (R)563-383-6267 (B)563-271-4900 (C)

David L Carstensen

Two Year Trustee
563-386-5059 (R) 553-209-2918 (B)

Dennis A Stanger

563-386-6545 (R)
563-650-7025 (B)

Brandon M Mc Cubbin

Inside Guard
563-499-5844 (C)

Mark S Green

563-322-0256 (R)

Gerardo A Huizar Jr

563-676-7049 (C)

Donald J Linnenkamp

Outside Guard
563-322-4740 (R)

Ahlonko Wilfried Agbofin-Kokou

309-757-1306 (R) 217-558-6317 (B) 309-912-5829 (C)


One Year Trustee

Rev Nicholas Olabode Akindele

563-322-0902 (R) 563-322-0901 (B) 563-210-1349 (C)

Randall V Beck

563-322-2488 (R)
562 352-2488 (B) 563-210-1522 (C)